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Gita Cinta dari SMA (2023) Telefilem Pencuri Movie Download Video

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Gita Cinta dari SMA (2023)
Ratna Suminar, the new student meets Galih Rakasiwi as a cold and indifferent figure. Until then the two of them fell in love with each other. However, Ratna’s father opposes their relationship. Various methods are used to separate them. Will Galih and Ratna accept the fact that their love story will never end?

Genre: Drama, English, Indonesian, Romance, Subbed

Director: Monty Tiwa

Actors: Abun Sungkar, Arla Ailani, Chantiq Schagerl, Fadi Alaydrus, Prilly Latuconsina, Rheino Poetiray, Yesaya Abraham

Country: Indonesia

Duration: 103 min

Quality: WEB-DL

Release: 2023


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