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Puisi Cinta yang Membunuh (2023) Telefilem Pencuri Movie Download Video

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Puisi Cinta yang Membunuh (2023)
The story of Ranum, who is always tricked by the sweet words of men who then betray her and later ends with death by a mysterious figure. Ranum’s family drama revolves around deceit; it is poetic, romantic, and hilarious which instantly turns into terror. Ranum decides to keep looking for true love, which is beautiful and brings kindness to ward off the tragedy she has experienced. Who is the figure who spreads the vile terror, and can Ranum find her love?

Genre: Drama, English, Horror, Indonesian, Subbed, Thriller

Director: Azhar Kinoi Lubis, Garin Nugroho

Actors: Ayu Laksmi, Baskara Mahendra, Kelly Tandiono, Mawar Eva De Jongh, Morgan Oey, Raihaanun, Unique Priscilla

Country: Indonesia

Duration: 101 min

Quality: WEB-DL

Release: 2022


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