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Jin Qorin (2023) Pencuri Movie Download Malay Movie sub

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Jin Qorin (2023)
The household life of Seno and Alya keeps one big secret. The secret slowly begins to unravel when Abdi, who is Seno’s friend and brother-in-law, begins to investigate Seno. The investigation was initiated because Abdi suspected that Seno had a special relationship with his co-worker, Wina. However, Abdi’s investigation leads him to find strange things inside Seno. Some of them made Abdi see various apparitions of scary spirits and strange incidents that led him to reveal the secrets of someone’s past who once ran away to get supernatural powers.

Genre: Horror

Director: Ubay Fox

Actors: Agus Lemu, Indrasati Rumluan, Kanaya Gleadys, Kukuh Riyadi, Marthino Lio, Rama Michael, Tyara Vanesha

Country: Indonesia

Duration: 87 min

Quality: WEB-DL

Release: 2023


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