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Lisa Frankenstein Telefilem Full Movie Download Video

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Release date: In theaters Feb. 9
Director: Zelda Williams
Cast: Kathryn Newton, Cole Sprouse, Carla Gugino

What a difference 15 years makes; back in 2009, Jennifer’s Body was a notorious flop for screenwriter Diablo Cody, not long after winning an Oscar for Juno. Now, it’s her reclaimed feminist-horror comedy that gets namechecked in the trailer for her latest project, the 1989-set Lisa Frankenstein. Yes, it does involve reanimation: Lisa (Kathryn Newton) brings a handsome Victorian corpse back to life, and murderous gothic romance appears to ensue, under the direction of Zelda Williams (daughter of Robin). If this is Cody’s Frankenstein and Jennifer’s Body is her de facto Dracula, maybe she can work her way through all of the classic Universal Monsters.

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